We are excited to have completed the 2-day analog mixing sessions with EMAC Recording Studios for the first six songs of our album. It really was a refreshingly creative and fun approach to this stage in the recording process. Since we recorded these songs analog onto 2 inch tape, we found that the natural progression in the evolution of the tracks was to stay true to this pure approach and to remain in the non-digital realm. We are using all sorts of cool old gear, including compressors and equalizers. Our head engineer, Matt Grady, gratefully pointed out that our album has been forcing him (in a good way) to use the most analog gear that he has ever used on an LP. It has been an insightful journey for all of us involved. We're able to hear the sonic differences that outboard effects and tape bring to the music in comparison to modern widely-used digital techniques - most notably, warmth, atmosphere, and character. We are all pleased with the way that the mixes have helped shape our vision for these six songs. For now, we are saying goodnight to the tape while it rests in storage until it is awakened at a later time to be compile with another set of brand new tunes for our full-length vinyl record. Keepin' the dream alive! 

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