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Cordcalling's song, "Wicked Desires", off of our new "Obsessed by the Light" CD, is receiving airplay on FM 96's Indie Show (London, ON). Please email Andrea Dunn, through the following link

to request "Wicked Desires" by Cordcalling on FM 96's Indie Show, which airs every Tuesday evening.

Cordcalling's "Obsessed by the Light" CD is currently receiving airplay from London's Indie Station (94.9 FM) CHRW Radio. Please call 519-661-3600 to request our song "What I Have".

Cordcalling's music has been played on London's Best Rock FM 96. It is in regular rotation on CHRW Radio, London's Indie Station (94.9 FM), The University of Western Ontario, London, ON, on which it has made the top 30 charts. IndieCan has featured Cordcalling's music. It has also been played by college radio stations across Canada. Cordcalling has performed live on the A-Channel Morning Show.

We will update you as we are added to playlists and receive airplay from more stations.

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