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This blog will now be a source of poetic expression by Denise Conway of Cordcalling, urging you and enticing you to read and respond to the works. This is poetry, with its unconventional uses of language, grammar, punctuation,...

Read..let it soak into your spirit..enjoy!

I kept thinking there was a trap door

     somewhere...and I missed something.

     How could it be that God would love me

How could it be

     that He could

see the mess that I have called my life

but look at me as righteous and blameless

     in His sight?

I am what I am

I'll lay my head down

     and allow His Grace to


     so that I can be who He has

     already made me.

a baby,

a Son,

a King,

a servant

a man



a birth

already born

a death

destined for


a love that never fails

Truth that always prevails

a Way

to peace

to the peace 

we seek

in the dark

"hidden" places of our souls

where we can't find rest

until we reach the end

of ourselves and seek


a cross

predestined for Him

and for me.



I haven't written in a while,

My words have been sitting in a pile.

I've been in a pit,

but I'm getting out of it.

The Son has shone 

His light on the mess

that lies all around me...but still He has found me -

with His still, small voice,

He whispers my name.

The name He knew 

before He blew life into my being.

I don't have all the answers...

I never will.

That's why I need a Savior 

and I need to be still.

Kill the lights - 

I don't need another thought

I need true words

words that have already been written - but not stale.

Everything else pales

Everything else fails

in this dark world -

but His Word.

Do you know when it’s too late for tomorrow?

When you don’t have Grace

- Life is too short

Grace is the rain and the sun on my feet

As I run..It puts the smile on my face

Enduring pain. Pressing on. This is the sure-tell sign that I’m alive.

The lines of time tell where one has gone.

A line at a time..we step into our fate.

I am squirming in the pit,

BUT – You are higher.


I am digging through the earth

But, You are stronger.


I am singing in the wind

You still hear me.


Climbing, climbing

a breath is perspiring


A weight A scale

Heavy upon my back,

But no more found wanting


I am in The peace

I am in the house

I am in the family


Even though there are only a few feet to the top of the mountain,

I laugh.

Faith like a rock

Faith like a rock

doesn't cower

It towers

  over the tiny, tiny, tiny

         ant hills

         that are our circumstances

It stands still

   when the earth shakes

It climbs forward

   It stands

    It stands

when everything else falls.

There's a lightness in 

Space that I don't understand..

Gravity on Earth pulls everything to the ground - 

It's heavy like sand.

My heart ticks like

the water going down the bathtub drain.

There's a cloud of madness,

but I'm still sane.

Just love..

Don't judge

Just hug someone who hangs her head.

We are all flesh and blood,

Given life by the same benevolent Maker.

Give..It's not stolen..Live..

It's not taken..heaven..


Where are you?

The painted walls

say my name

- I love you

They're all the same

though the pattern reveals

a hand

delicate and firm.


I let it slide 

back and forth

in my mind


Allow me 

    to visit

     the time when I loved

 When I fell in love

  and time and money

  were nonexistent.

When waves of

worry dissipated into the

ocean of "Love Never Fails"

You're trying to move me 

    out of this place of rest.

I won't awake 

   from this dream

  I will undress

 this godly sorrow

  this peace

This is me.

I am an outcast

I am strong

I am a believer

I belong.

They are not me,

but are a part 

I am wrong

when I go my way

but when I stay in Him

I know the way.

I am fallen,

but I've been risen.


is where I am.


I don't want to be any less

or any more 

than He wants me to be.


No less, No more.


I don't want to be the person who I want to be

Dying slowly, living well.


Lying low, standing high

I can see the creator who made me

for I can see written in the sky,

"'How much happier that [one] is who believes'

the whole world to be his/her native town than one

who cannot see beyond his/her own reflection". 


*Quotation adapted from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

If you put a bunch of creative people together,

the individuals don’t seem so creative anymore.


Not that the light doesn’t get brighter

           when many gather together,

but the star that stands alone

     amidst black space

    draws attention to the beauty it emblifies.


This Christian height of sight.

    The low position of Christ

       is where the line is drawn

       between what I see

                    and what is real

We have dreams,

We are here for a purpose,

We are not just pieces of dirt 

to be stamped on and kicked around

like it doesn't matter

whether we are here today or gone tomorrow.


We are witnesses,

We are to be beacons of light,

a city on a hill,

I scream out from the mountaintop

-not the ant hill they claim I live in.


Let's have some faith -

as little as a seed of grain.

We can stand

when we know that we have fallen.


Grace - let it be known

Throughout the Earth

that we are kings.

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