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We are Still Album

"Marching to the beat of their own drum," Cordcalling's latest album, "We are Still," is a bold throwback to "old-school" musical recording, mixing, and Mastering. Recording onto magnetic tape and mixing with analog gear is somewhat of a lost art form, so they worked with experienced engineers Matt Grady and Kyle Ashbourne of London, ON’s award-winning EMAC Studios, who had the expertise and the equipment necessary to carry out their unique vision. EMAC Studio’s head engineer, Matt Grady, expressed his excitement about working on this unconventional album: he remarked that the project forced him (in a good way) to use the most analog gear that he has ever used on an LP. The duo was so committed to their organic mission that they found one of the only studios that Masters albums using analog equipment, Los Angeles’ Capsule Labs, and pressed their songs onto vinyl. “We are Still” stands out amidst a digitally saturated market, reclaiming the natural, warm atmosphere of sound art that stands the test of time. The LP has already caught the interest of local media, including London’s SCENE Magazine, Our London, and The Londoner. John Sharpe at SCENE Magazine appraises the musical arrangements on “We are Still” as “hav[ing] evolved since [Cordcalling’s] latest release ‘Obsessed by the Light’”; he describes their newest album’s sound as the “same punk/rock/grunge sound with a lot more polish.” “We are Still" is available on vinyl, CD and digital platforms online with CD Baby and it's affiliate websites and at local record stores, including London, ON's Grooves Records.

Obsessed by the Light - Full-Length CD

"Obsessed by the Light" is Cordcalling's much-anticipated first full-length CD, following the buzz created by their "When I Scream" 3-Song Maxi-Single. It has a total of 11 tracks, including edited versions of the 3 songs on the Maxi-Single and 8 brand new recordings. Recorded and mixed by London Music Award Winner for Best Producer, Andre Doucette, at Charterhouse Studios, London, ON, and Mastered at The SoundLab, New Jersey, U.S., this CD is a solid representation of the duo's eclectic sound and songwork. James Reaney (London Free Press, London, ON, Nov. 18, 2010) writes that Cordcalling presents "a style of their own" within their "compact, high-energy songs". Similarly, reflecting on "Obsessed by the Light", Chris Montanini (The Londoner, London, ON, Nov. 18, 2010) states, "It's hard to pin down the grunge-esque London rock duo Cordcalling".

With the success from their 3 Song Maxi-Single, "When I Scream", under their belts and one the new tracks, "Thank-You", being included on a compilation CD for 1000 Acts of Kindness even before the release of the album, "Obsessed by the Light" is off to a strong start in helping to further the duo's career and name in the industry.

Track List 1. Awake 2. Wicked Desires (edited version) 3. Erasing (edited version) 4. What I Have 5. When I Scream (edited version) 6. Digging for Truth 7. New Shot 8. Free 9. Well-Rounded People 10. I Won't Do It 11. Thank-You 

Cordcalling's song, "Wicked Desires", off of our new "Obsessed by the Light" CD, is receiving airplay on FM 96's Indie Show (London, ON). Please email Andrea Dunn, through the following link
to request "Wicked Desires" by Cordcalling on FM 96's Indie Show, which airs every Tuesday evening.

Cordcalling's CD "Obsessed by the Light" is receiving airplay on London's Indie Station (94.9 FM) CHRW Radio. Please call 519-661-3600 to request the song "What I Have".

Cordcalling's music has been played on London's Best Rock FM 96. It is in regular rotation on CHRW Radio, London's Indie Station (94.9 FM), The University of Western Ontario, London, ON, on which it has made the top 30 charts. IndieCan has featured Cordcalling's music. It has also been played by college radio stations across Canada. Cordcalling has performed live on the A-Channel Morning Show.

"When I Scream" (3-Song Maxi-Single)

The Maxi-Single includes the title track, "When I Scream", a grungy Nirvana-influenced hard-hitting rock song; "Wicked Desires", a pop-alternative catchy tune; and "Erasing", an intriguing composition that has been described as a "magical journey". Cordcalling are best known for their poetic lyrics, passionate vocals, innovative guitar work, and emotional drumming. The unpredictable time changes and stylistic fusion, featured on this CD, will blow your mind!